Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Respite From The Clash

Yes, all the humor was to soften you up to read this at The Blue State Conservatives. (h/t Emperor Misha)

If that's true, it's the single most reprehensible thing I've read in the last three years. Not since watching the Palestinians celebrate over the murder of Americans have I been so disgusted (as in infuriated as opposed to grossed out) over a single news article. I would certainly like to see a source other than "Al-Guardian", but you know how it is. It's not even the aborted fetuses that get to me, it's the principle in general.

I have long held a negative view of the People's Republic of China, but this certainly takes the cake. Beijing is execrable, to say the least. But still, we view this nation as somewhat of an ally. Hello - did you forget that they're Communist, W? Seriously - I really think we've hit a new low here. I don't even think Saudi Arabia's done this.*

Wouldn't it be something for a rare skin disease to make its way through the cosmetics? That's it - I'm not saying anything else on the PRC - absolutely despicable.

* Oh, wait - women in Saudi Arabia allowed to wear cosmetics in this fashion? Strike THAT from the record, Johnny ol' boy.

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