Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NFL Week 3

Current record: 13-19, after a 5-11 week 2.

I am 12-16 on Sundays, and 0-3 on Mondays.

Best Pick of Week 2: The Bengals. Dang.
Worst Pick of Week 2: Baltimore. What the hell is up with that team?
Fluke: Washington. Two wins by three points? Who are they - the Patriots?

Predictions for Week 3

Atlanta v. Buffalo - Atlanta
Cincinnati v. Chicago - Cincinnati (Game of the Week)
Tampa Bay v. Green Bay - Green Bay (I don't see an 0-3 Packers squad)
Cleveland v. Indianapolis - Indianapolis
Carolina v. Miami - Miami
New Orleans v. Minnesota - Minnesota
Jacksonville v. NY Jets - Jacksonville
Oakland v. Philadelphia - The Iggles
Tennessee v. St. Louis - St. Louis
Dallas v. San Francisco - Dallas (Remember when this game meant something?)
Arizona v. Seattle - Seattle
New England v. Pittsburgh - Tom Brady's F*cking A-holes. (GOTW II)
NY Giants v. San Diego - NY Giants

Monday: Kansas City vs. Denver - Goin with KC on this one.

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