Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NFL Week 2:

For some reason, my Week 1 post was never put onto the website and I never noticed.
Let's review:

Patriots (yecch) vs. Raiders - my pick: Patriots (1-0)
Bears (yay!) vs. Redskins - my pick: Bears (1-1)
Titans vs. Steelers - my pick: Steelers (2-1)
Buccaneers vs. Vikings - my pick: Vikings (2-2)
Broncos vs. Dolphins - my pick: Dolphins (3-2) [best pick]
Jets vs. Chiefs - my pick: Jets (3-3) [worst pick]
Seahawks vs. Jaguars - my pick: Seahawks (3-4)
Bengals vs. Browns - my pick: Bengals (4-4)
Saints vs. Panthers - my pick: Saints (5-4)
Texans vs. Bills - my pick: Bills (6-4)
Rams vs. 49ers - my pick: Rams (6-5)
Cowboys vs. Chargers - my pick: Chargers (6-6)
Cardinals vs. Giants - my pick: Giants (7-6)
Packers vs. Lions - my pick: Packers (7-7)
Colts vs. Ravens - my pick: Colts (8-7)
Eagles vs. Falcons - my pick: Eagles (8-8)

So a .500 week. Certainly I'm going to do better in Week 2. Let's see what's ahead.

New England vs. Carolina - New England
Chicago vs. Detroit - Chicago (they got screwed last year)
Minnesota vs. Cincinnati - Cincinnati (I'll regret this)
Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis - Indianapolis
San Francisco vs. Philadelphia - The Iggles
Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay - Buffalo
Baltimore vs. Tennessee - Baltimore (ugly game)
Pittsburgh vs. Houston - Pittsburgh (this is going to be a REALLY ugly one too)
St. Louis vs. Arizona - Arizona
Atlanta vs. Seattle - Atlanta
San Diego vs. Denver - San Diego
Cleveland vs. Green Bay - Green Bay
Miami vs. The Jets - The Jets
Kansas City vs. Oakland - Oakland
New Orleans vs. The Giants - New Orleans (2-0 Saints? WTF?)
Washington vs. Dallas - Dallas

We'll see how I did next Tuesday.

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