Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Maryland 23, Navy 20

Yeah - I kinda forgot to post about that. I was exhausted.

Hell of a game though. Down 14-3 at halftime. I thought Ralph was TRYING to put his job on the hotseat. Thankfully they came through. Two things though.

1) Maryland has both the best fans AND the worst fans in all of college sports. Am I the ONLY one who finds it rather inappropriate to chant "You Suck!" at Navy? You know, that Navy?

2) Honestly, if one thinks the National Guard currently stationed in Iraq should have been in Louisiana and it's Bush's fault they weren't, shouldn't the Navy football team have been there too?

Okay, 3 things.

3) If we have trouble beating Navy, we're going to get stomped by Va Tech AGAIN. Hopefully it won't be 55-6.

Next up: Clemson @ Maryland, September 10.

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