Friday, September 02, 2005

I Dislike Google

Gmail. Where did this go wrong? My #1 AOL account has 7 spams in the spam folder (and 2 in the inbox that the spam filter missed). My University of Maryland account has 207 in the spam folder after one year, and caught everything.

Gmail has 265 spams in the spam folder and 51 in the inbox. Out of 66, of course. Even my #1 HOTMAIL account, with 2,771 pieces of mail, has less than 20% spam in the inbox. 51 of 66? That's atrocious.

Don't do evil - indeed.

Update: Actually, 57 of the 66 are spam/mailing lists, but six of those left are from the Page 3 (UK Sun) mailing list that someone registered me to. I suppose I owe them some... something or other, anyway.

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