Monday, September 26, 2005

250th Post! NFL Week 4

I DID manage to commandeer my roommate's computer... for now.

This is my 250th post, according to Blogoger and it's Bloggoggyness.

Looks like a pretty good NFL Week 3 - my predictions wise, anyway. It SUCKED to watch.

Not counting the Monday Night Game (which hasn't happened as of this writing), I went 11-2

Current Sunday (including all non-Monday games) Record: 23-17
Current Monday Record: 0-3

The Bears are off in week 4 - so technically they could be leading the division without lifting a finger at the end of this week.

Best Pick of Week 3: None, really. If Green Bay had won, then that would have been it.

Worst Pick of Week 3: The Giants. And who picked the Steelers? I WANTED the Steelers to win, but I have so little faith in Bill Cowher that I could not pick them. And for it to end on a last second field goal AGAIN...

Week 4 Picks:
Buffalo @ New Orleans - Buffalo
Denver @ Jacksonville - Jacksonville
Detroit @ Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay
Houston @ Cincinnati - Cincinnati (Did I just say 4-0 Bengals?!)
Indianapolis @ Tennessee - Indianapolis
San Diego @ New England - San Diego (calling an upset)
Seattle @ Washington - Seattle. Washington's luck runs out here.
St. Louis @ NY Giants - The Giants
NY Jets @ Baltimore - Baltimore gets their first win.
Dallas @ Oakland - Dallas
Minnesota @ Atlanta - Atlanta
Philadelphia @ Kansas City - KC
San Francisco @ Arizona - SF. Their 2 wins came AGAINST Arizona
Monday: Green Bay @ Carolina - Green Bay does NOT go 0-4, despite my best wishes.

OFF: Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Pittsburgh (F U, Cowher)

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