Saturday, August 06, 2005

PC Gone Wild Again

The NCAA has officially banned Indian mascots during the postseason.

1) Why only the postseason? If something is offensive during the postseason, isn't it offensive during the rest of the year?

2) If you're going to do it, this should apply to other races - not just Indians. But the NCAA continues to kiss the ass of Notre F*cking Dame.

3) Starting in 2008, this will apply to cheerleaders and marching band uniforms as well. Oh no you don't. No one messes with the band and gets away with it, NCAA. You won't be allowed to forget this disaster.

4) There should REALLY be a team called the Fightin' Whiteys. Juss' sayin.

5) FSU should give the finger to the NCAA. Leave the ACC, to boot and ruin the whole football championship thing.

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