Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jane Fonda Urinal Stickers?

Bloggrandfather Harvey discusses them here.

My father is not yet 50, and was too young to serve in Viet Nam. However, he works with many fellows in their upper 50s to late 60s who did just that. This post reminded me of an anecdote.

When I was 9 or 10, I was with my father visiting one of his friend's house. I think they were fixing a shed, or something - I think the guy's name was Bart... but I'm not sure. But we were all inside waiting for the rain to let up, and my father and the man were having a conversation, and the news was on in the background. Eventually, there was a story on Jane Fonda, and Bart basically... lost it. He began screaming about "That traitor", "That bitch shoulda been strung up and hung", "My buddies and I woulda strangled that f****ng **nt!" et cetera. I remember it being vaguely surreal, but I haven't seen the guy since.

I was told in mid-2004 that the guy still works in the same building as my dad, but in a different department. Apparently one day, he had the same reaction when somebody mentioned John Kerry. Didn't serve with him, but he did donate 50 bucks to the Swift Boat Vets. Interesting guy. Would like to talk to him again now that I actually understand what the hell he was talking about back when I was a kid.

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