Thursday, August 04, 2005

Delayed Reaction Punch!

If you're a longtime reader, you may remember that I wrote a letter to my congressman, Rob Simmons (R-CT, 2nd) on March 31.

If you're not, then here is the entry.

I said I was going to be waiting, but I did not expect a lag time of four months.

Except the question wasn't answered - though he did discuss his recent "triumphs" (I put that in parenthesis, as what he sees as triumphs reflect his own views, of course) Most of it, in fact is the automated letter on his newslist.

1. He mentions the base closing commission's visit to the Groton Sub Base. (I mentioned I live in the area before, I assume). Deadlines to look towards - August 24 and September 8. I'll be going back to school on August 31, so I won't be here for that one.

2. The highway bill. Rep. Simmons is the only Connecticut congressman on the committee. Here's what the bill entails:
The bill protects Connecticut’s federal highway and transit funds and provides nearly $56 million in critical dollars for important projects throughout the Second District like $14.4 million toward the completion of Route 11, $7.5 million to improve traffic congestion along Interstate 95 and millions more for dozens of other important projects throughout the region.

Is that good for Connecticut? Yeah it's good for Connecticut! And of course, as we all know, what's good for Connecticut is usually bad for the rest of the United States. It's a pork bill. But it will regain support for him in the district. But re point 1 - if the base is closed, he's cooked.

3. National Energy Bill: "To this end, Congress has passed a national energy bill that provides nearly $4 billion for fuel-cell technology, allowing Connecticut to remain on the cutting edge of alternative fuel development and maintain its reputation as the "fuel-cell capital of the world." I didn't know we were fuel-cell capital of the world. I suppose now that we aren't the submarine capital of the world, we gotta have something.

4. "What’s more, the new energy law does not provide liability protection for producers of MTBE, does not allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and gives the state of Connecticut control of the Cross Sound Cable." - *Smacks forehead twice*

5. "Making Health Care More Affordable: Rising malpractice insurance premiums continue to take a toll on Connecticut’s hospitals, small businesses and working families." - Compromise bill. Sheesh. I think the surprise of the base closing hit Rep. Simmons hard.

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