Thursday, July 14, 2005

Headlines, 7/13/05


Chirac takes Bastille Day salute
The French celebrate a jailbreak for the 215th consecutive year. Congratulations!

Hermaphrodite athlete in court
Glenn Reynolds replies: "No comment"

Religious extremism in Pakistan
Robert Spencer bets it's not referring to Christians.

US boy buys new Harry Potter book
Immediately condemned by The Pope.

Suicide Bomber kills 27

Of course, the search for root causes continues.

"GOP Nervously Eyeing Rove"
Part 171 of "Scandals the media keeps trying to pin on Bush so he will resign." Film at 11.

NHL, NHLPA agree to end lockout.
If you're a hockey fan: Clinton's policies shine through 6 years after the fact
If you can't stand hockey: Bush blamed

OMG WTF Natalee Holloway Still Not Found
Just in case you forgot or something. I bet it was the jooooooos.

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