Friday, July 22, 2005

"Gay" Redefined

Someone tell Andrew Sullivan.

Apparently, having sex with men isn't what defines gay anymore. Now it's membership in choir, drama, gaudy pants, and studying French. Sleeping with women has nothing to do with sexual orientation anymore - c'mon! Confederate Yankee points to this post at Reasoned Audacity for the FULL explanation.

In this case, I demand the chairpersonship of GLAAD immediately, plus my own harem of women, because as we've seen, sleeping with the opposite gender now has no effect on determining whether one is hetero or homosexual. You just have to be a conservative that liberals don't like, and then the rumors start. Next thing you know, everyone will start mumbling that Harvey is gay.

C'mon - why does this absolutely ridiculous BS even pass for reasoned political discourse?

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