Sunday, July 10, 2005

Brits Back To Making Fun of Stupid Americans

I have a friend who lives outside Birmingham, England. She was, as to be expected, "scared shitless" this past week. She is fine now, of course. If her reaction is any indication, then the British will be sending their hormonally crazed 12 and 13 year old kid sisters to Iraq to discuss boys and clothes and anime and all sorts of other events. This will drive the terrorists crazy.

Her kid sister, not one to shy away from cracking jokes at the expense of some rather *ahem* idiotic Americans in return, has responded by telling me that "After the 13-year-old girls drive them crazy, the terrorists will have no choice but to take a vacation to Aruba, where they will meet up with wimpy Dutch kids and then mysteriously disappear. The war on terror will be over."

I never said the British were politically correct either.

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