Monday, June 20, 2005

In The News?

Steroid may prevent miscarriages
Combined with Bad Example, pregnancies now deemed "unstoppable"

Troubled EU leaders to meet Bush
"Troubled", "EU leaders" declared redundant.
(Note the caption for that BBC picture about improved relations - won't hear THAT from NYT)

Vibration engineers feel the rock
No comment necessary
Okay, okay. The Rock perturbed. Extremely perturbed.

Aruba Suspect's Dad Grilled
Joran Van Der Sloot confused for Johan "Goldmember" Van Der Smut.
(Sadly, I actually did just that when the story first broke)

Four Arrested at Cruise Premiere
12-year old girls sentenced to house arrest - at Cruise's house.

Sen. Robert C. Byrd Laments KKK Connection
60 years after the fact, of course.

Votes counted in key Bissau poll
Christine Gregoire declared winner

Not that many humourous headlines today, it looks like. Ah well... it'll average itself out by Friday.

As for my brother, he returned from the hospital 16 hours after surgery. He's fine.

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