Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Class of 2005

My best friend graduated from high school today. (I'm a year older than he is). The commencement speaker for the ceremony was Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz. (That should tell you where I live).

Bysiewicz stressed the importance of voting and democracy, as well as the sacrfices the armed forces have made since 9/11. She repeatedly mentioned how great the military, and our veterans were. She even "gasp" mentioned spreading democracy and freedom/

Many in the audience came away annoyed, because they felt the speech was too "openly-pro-invasion" and "too political", as well as "not appropriate" with several people even muttering that she was "Working for nothing but the military recruiters". Now, I really can't argue with the point of inappropriateness, as this was a commencement speech. BUT:

Susan Bysiewicz is a Democrat.

A Democrat leads a 1000+ crowd into a round of applause for the military. A Democrat thanks the veterans for their sacrifices. And the populace of Connecticut, which is extremely liberal - basically denounces her for it. And this is a navy town for crying out loud. Maybe they're still miffed at the base closing. Not that they cared about it before "Bush decided to close it down for revenge since Connecticut voted for Kerry" (actual quote) But I digress.

The Democratic Party needs help. While I disagree with Secretary of State of CT Bysiewicz on issues of policy, she at least still admits to being proud to be an American. Why can't we get that from the rest of them?

You know, instead of comparing soldiers to Nazis or the Khmer Rouge or something. Not that anyone's ever done anything that rash.

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