Sunday, May 01, 2005

Welcome To May

Spilled 32 ounces of root beer, and it's seeped under the fridge. The room is 198 square feet (college double), and the spill is approximately 13 1/2 square feet. It may not seem like much, except it's where ALL the wiring is. A couple sparks so far, hoping that I can get the rest without too much else.

Normally I wouldn't post something like this, but usually one's outlook for an entire month hinges on how the first day goes. Well, for me anyway. So spills and shocks for the next 31 days.

That and final exams.

UPDATE (3:30 PM): I accidentally deleted Microsoft Notepad from my computer (don't ask), and the Metapad add on that goes with it. I wasn't too keen on metapad, so can anyone tell me if there's a place I can download Notepad again?

UPDATE II (6:30 PM): At 4:45, my computer caught fire. Again, don't ask. I managed to get it fixed, though.

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