Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Again With The Bureaucracy

I cannot stand the very fact we have "The Commitee on Commitees". What in the world are they supposed to be doing? It's like the freakin' United Nations over here, except since its college, none of the sex involves 12-year-old Africans. It's supposed to keep an eye on the rest of our committees, such as the Student Affairs Committee and the Academic Standards Committee and all sorts of other things. But I think I've found the REAL truth.

Ten quick facts about the "Committee on Committees"

1) The Committee on Committees was created to provide as a scapegoat in case one of the other committees screwed up.

2) The Chair of the Committee on Committees, however, does not have a son that works for Cotecna.

3) Pat O' Brien is not involved with the Committee on Committees, though I hear that he thinks it's so f*n hot!

4) Committee shares its first four letters with Communism - therefore, committees are marxist organizations bent on total control of the globe.

5) Capitalism shares its first four (and even five) letters with Capitulation, which means its very mysterious that France is so socialist.

6) The CoC serves to make sure that no one can figure out who's actually supposed to be doing what.

7) In this sense, it is a model organization.

8) Surprisingly for a college campus, there are no protest babes for the CoC.

9) The Committee on Committees is such a ridiculous concept, that it has its own entry in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

9a) No it doesn't.

10) If I somehow wind up dealing with the CoC, it probably will not look good on my record.

Now, for those of you who work in actual jobs (as in you're not a college student) - do your workplaces have these bureaucratic monstrosities as well?

11) UPDATE: This post has been submitted to IMAO's Carnival of Comedy. Huzzah!

12) If you're curious, there is no Committee on Making George Lucas Pay. Yet.

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