Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Tolerance Tests!

Just as I promised. The Implicit Association Tests (which, judging by the standards they use, are not very scientific at all, but that's just me - press a button quick or else you're wrong!)

The website is here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/selectatest.html

Test 1: Gender/Science IAT - I have a moderate association between science and males relative to females. Larry Summers would be PROUD.

Test 2: Asian IAT - The result was inconclusive. The program says I made too many errors, but I bet it was because I was white and it revealed a positive bias towards Asians. It could not compute a white person who did not hate everyone of a different skin color and thus malfunctioned.

Test 3: The Race IAT - Note that the "Asian IAT" has nothing to do with race. That's Harvard for you. Once again, it was inconclusive. "Malfunction, nalfunction!"

Test 4: The 2004 Presidential Candidates IAT - I have a slight automatic preference for Bush over Kerry. Only slight? What the? I've dishonored the family.

Test 5: Religion IAT - My data suggests a strong preference to Judaism OVER other religions. That's surprising, coming from the IAT. Does this make me a neo-con? Sweet.

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