Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Holy crap. (h/t, Evil White Guy)

US scientists have designed a bionic eye to allow blind people to see again.

It comprises a computer chip that sits in the back of the individual's eye, linked up to a mini video camera built into glasses that they wear.

Images captured by the camera are beamed to the chip, which translates them into impulses that the brain can interpret.
"The retinal implant contains tiny electrodes. If you stimulate a single electrode, the person will see a single dot of light."
They have already tested implants containing a handful of electrodes, but the end device will contain 50-100 to give a better overall picture."

Now, my vision is a lot better than say, a blind person (of course), but it's still not that great (20-130 and 20-150). Maybe a few years down the line (say 10 or 15), the implants will be good enough to reach 20-80ish. The implications for this are huge. As Evil White Guy said, "That's just amazing. We may have cured blindness. That's not just amazing, that's staggering."

The next time that an environmentalist tries to make the animals are humans' equal argument, show him or her this article. The human race may have just conquered one of the most complex devices in the entire biosphere. If we can do this, then there's no reason we aren't capable of taking on the entire environment and winning - being able to create living conditions if, as the greens fear, we destroy the environment. It's just a matter of time.

Once again, the human race has overcome.

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