Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rusty Shackleford Gets Mail

I was perusing my daily reads on the blogroll today when I got to Google News. (The Jawa Report). Rusty Shackleford had received hatemail! Now, this wouldn't be particularly newsworthy to me if not for the fact that I noticed the mention of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Shawcable, and Islamic Jihad. Now, I'm aware that a large majority of those in Calgary use Shaw Cable (just as most people in southern New England use Comcast), but I had seen this general format before.

Then I remembered where - my other website. I run a forum on Suddenlaunch/Proboards which caters to the interests of your average marching-band-loving high schooler (you know the type), and well, recently we were overrun by socialists. Not just any socialists, but socialists who would occasionally pretend they were crusading Christians, jihadi Muslims, extremist Jews (what do they do, go around circumcising people?), rebel Sikhs (5 points to anyone else who are familiar with Sikhs to begin with) and the like. I'm pretty sure one of them was a Satanist, one was a Communist, and the others, well, I have no idea.

Quick Fact: *countries run by what we consider devil-worshippers have lower murder rates than countries whose established religion is atheism*

But I digress. I used sitemeter to see where all these socialists/communists were coming from. They were using Shaw Cable, and coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Take this gem:
What is it you people have against Stalin? I mean sure, he was evil, he killed lots of people, but at least he didn't kill them because they were Devil worshipping pagans or dirty jews or damn gays!"

What do you have against him?

A thing of beauty, these people from Calgary. So Dr. Rusty Shackleford is probably getting harassed by some 15-year old from St. Francis' high school or something. Just lettin' the Doctor know he's not alone in this regard.

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