Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rockies Win! (Not A Satire)

No.. seriously - it's not a satire. Stop laughing.

It was not a pretty game to watch, as Taiwanese prospect Chin Hui-Tsao nearly blew the lead in the 9th inning. The team is now 2-8, with a .200 winning percentage. Every other team in the major leagues has at least 4 wins, and every team in the NL with the exception of the Rockies and Pirates have 5. It'll be a long season, but they'll survive.

On a more interesting note, only one game is left to play in this full day (where all 30 teams play) of baseball, and not one team has scored 10 runs yet. The Dodgers may, but if they don't, it will mark an occurrence that has happened rather infrequently. Update: They did not score 10 runs. Amazing.

1. Go to
2. Check the 2003 box scores to see how many times all 30 teams played on the same day, and find out how many of those days went by without a team scoring 10 runs. I believe it happened once that entire season.

Good game, moehawk, though I'll bet that the Giants will win the next one.
Update: Post moved to top so the world could be shocked that they won a freakin' game.

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