Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not To Jump On The Attack, But

Why does the image search of Pope Benedict XVI get only 4 results on Google, with none of them actually being a picture of the guy, whereas a search amongst Altavista's images nets me nearly 1000 results, the first 20 at least all being relevant? The Google needs to pick up their slack, and not just on the Google News department either.

On an even more disturbing note, searching Google images for Pope Kofi (no quotes amongst any of these), nets me 11 results, one of which is fairly odd. That's nearly 3 times the amount for Pope Benedict XVI, people.

Why am I doing this? I'm bored and my IMAO t-shirt isn't in the mail yet. April 29 my pinky toe!

I wonder what Pope Glenn Reynolds will get me on google...

UPDATE: 1 result.

UPDATE II: And if you're curious to see if "Pope Benedict" or "Pope Benedict 16" get results, at least on the first page, I checked. They don't. At least not of the former Joseph Ratzinger, anyway. I guess he's just too Catholic.

Update III: Nothing for Pope Benedetto either.

Update IV: Yes, Cardinal Ratzinger brings results, but I needed a picture in his papal garb. I half expected Pope Nazi to give me a result for him. It didn't. Then I would have been completely suspicious instead of only slightly so.

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