Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Name

Get It On: Your Source for MXC regrets to inform me (okay, I found the webpage myself) that my name (Mitsurugi's Babaganoosh) never actually DID appear on MXC, nor have there been any names even close to it. The proprietor has an entire list (called the Babaganoosh Factor) here. Apparently, I must have imagined it (they do have AllahZilla, Santa, and Yassir)

Does this mean a name change is in order? Perhaps in the future, but perhaps not. What if I got so famous that the MXC producers actually put in a Mitsurugi Babaganoosh? Now THAT would be cool. Or as Glizzenn Reynolds would say, "That's the shiz-nit, holmes"

According to, I am skanky. But you already knew that.
I am Skanky!
You're Skanky! Get out of my way. You wouldn't like
me when I'm angry.

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