Thursday, April 07, 2005

MSNBC's Comedy Tournament

(h/t, A Small Victory)

MSNBC seeds 64 comedies in a bracket a la the NCAA tournament. As I enjoy doing stuff like this, I'll give my choices for this, too. The bracket is here. Any movie I have not seen is automatically eliminated, whereas a match between two movies I haven't seen is determined by Googlefight.

Best Round of 64 Match - Old School v. Tommy Boy
Best Round of 32 Match - The Holy Grail v. The Producers
Best Round of 16 Match - The Holy Grail v. Blazing Saddles

Easiest Route to Elite 8: Strangelove. Then it met up with The Holy Grail, and advanced no further. Such is Karma. The Holy Grail had to get through the Producers and Blazing Saddles to reach the elite 8, and those two movies would probably be final 4 contenders if they were anywhere else.

My Elite 8:
Spaceballs v. Ferris Bueller (Broad Region)
Austin Powers v. Beverly Hills Cop (SNL Alumni Region)
Bull Durham v. Princess Bride (Smart Region)
The Holy Grail v. Strangelove (Classic Region)

Best Elite 8 Match: Bull Durham v. Princess Bride - probably the toughest pick in the entire tournament to make. I went with Princess Bride. If it had been Major League, we might have had a different story.

My Final 4:
Spaceballs v. Austin Powers
The Holy Grail v. The Princess Bride

Sixty-four started, and only four titans remain. Who goes on, and who stays home? These are two excellent matches, and tough to pick as well.

Championship Round: The Holy Grail v. Spaceballs
The Winnah: The Holy Grail, of course. Any of these four could have been the champion, but there was only one.

What do y'all think?

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