Saturday, April 16, 2005

More Headlines (4/16/05)

While waiting for the Rockies game to start, I figured I might as well do more headlines. One in particular caught my eye today.

UN says Haiti Needs More Work
UN awarded with "Well, Duh" prize

Irish Stadium Thrown Open
Soccer Hooligans manage to toss entire complex

Huge Ecstasy Haul in Austrailia

Harvey of Bad Example surprisingly not involved

China Rocket Man Held For Bribery
Yao Ming still yet to post bail.

China Rocket Man Held For Bribery
Joins 400 million other Chinese held in jail as political prisoners.

Government Orders Rover Inquiry
Rove not worried, credits dark overlord

US warns of "Desperate" Taleban

US also warns of "Pungent" Frenchmen

Re-Thinking Urban Car Journeys
Former Pope not pleased

UN Must Reform or Die, says Rice
Frank J's "In My World" series becoming closer to reality

Jackson Lawyer Rounds on Mother

Jackson rounds on mother's son

Go Rockies! 2-8 after tonight! Thank you.

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