Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mainstream Media 1, GOP 0 (CTA)

Warning: Conspiracy Theory Alert

It was over five months ago that we re-elected George W. Bush to the highest office in the land. Post-election polls cited the very ambiguous 'Moral Values' as the number one issue that got President Bush a second term in the White House. With five months of hindsight, I think that the MSM had a golden opportunity to stick it to the GOP, and they've been using it - and none of us realized it.

The MSM incessantly repeated the "Moral Values" hypothesis over and over again, saying that it was the "Evangelical Christian Vote" that put W over the top. While the Christian vote is important, it's also true that there are numerous other groups within the Repubican Party that, had they not banded together and voted for Bush, we would be seeing a President Kerry.

The "Religious Right"/Rest of America divide has been played up in recent weeks, really beginning with the Schiavo case and has continued into the debate on the judiciary. The MSM made sure to note that it was "The Religious Right" that got President Bush and the GOP elected, and the polls are telling the conservative Congress that they must cater to them. The more moderate conservatives are being turned off by this influx of "Religious Righteousness", and have taken up the left-wing bloggers derogatory "Theocon" term to emphasize how not happy they are.

The MSM helped convince the American public that it was the Religious Right that won the election, and gave them a huge ego boost. I'm sure you've all seen the picture of the strangely happy man holding the sign with Bush and a cross outside of that hospice in Florida (I cannot find the picture anymore). You've heard all the Randall Terry connections, and you've watched as the left-wing blogs have turned that guy into the "Face" of the Republican party.

The whole "VLWC" (snicker) has engineered yet another crack in the GOP, just like they planned to when they put all the focus on "Moral Values" and made the "Religious Right" believe they could dictate the country's policies. You've got blogs and bloggers like Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan, and Balloon Juice on one side, and Hugh Hewitt, Right Wing News, and AYC on the other.

I personally believe that this threat from the "Religious Right" is completely overstated - for now. The MSM (the more I say it, the less sense it makes - really), is using the RR to try and crack up the GOP once again so they can move in for 2008. The "RR" has to stop with the statism, and the "Secular Right" needs to remember that the "Alternative is always worse" - because in this case, it always is.

A couple of weeks ago, Sullivan wrote about the "Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration" who want to abolish the constitution and put "Biblical precepts as the only source of American Law" - nowhere was there a mention of the equally so, if not moreso treasonous Constitution of 2020 conference (read about that here) Despite his worst fears, there is NO danger about America becoming a Christian Theocracy where gays are prosecuted for being gay. Then again, that's how he sees America already. (And yes, I know I used the word prosecuted).

I really hope that both sides in the coming months can reconcile these differences and get back to the importance of keeping America as the world power. If the two groups drift apart, the other party will get back into office, and it would serve everyone well to remember this:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."- Thomas

The important thing is to make sure that small-government conservatism is not completely eroded from the political landscape. If that is the case, then the country is in trouble.

Update: And as The Commissar noted in the comments, it's always proper etiquette to give a link to the blog you trackbacked to. I forgot. I still have much to learn in the blogging world and I hope The Commissar can forgive an honest mistake. It's not the first time this has happened, but I'm getting better with it.

I should have also mentioned that it was for his Carnival of Bloggers "Against People of Faith", which is an incredibly unfortunate name, but in reality is a stand against the constant catering of Republicans to one particular group of the GOP. There are others out here who they would not have been able to get elected with. Now, I'm sure this will offend my 8 to 10 regular readers, but if the GOP does not lessen the infatuation with the "Religious Right", then the Democrats have an opportunity to win in 2008, and that's VERY BAD.

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