Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's A Pundit

I'm sure you've all seen It's A Pundit by now. It's either an InstaPundit parody site or a site which InstaPundit tried to emulate but failed. Only time will tell. If you haven't seen it, head on over there now. I've been watching it carefully to make sure no one does anything that could initiate some sort of blog war over naming rights. You know what I mean.

I agree with MY VRWC - basil has created the best April Fools' day joke in quite a while.

I think this could compete with Maddox for title of "The Best Page In The Universe". I'm about to go back for my 53rd visit. ^-^

[In a very Instapunditesque fashion, that's my 10th post before 9 o'clock]

Update: 9:46 PM - I have arrived at the Itsapundit. Thanks, Gmail. <( >_<)>

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