Sunday, April 17, 2005

Incompetent Political Parties, Take 2

Just when you think the Democrats have the huge advantage and the Republicans are blowing it by catering to the Religious Right, Howard Dean comes out and says:

'We're going to use Terri Schiavo later on,' Dean said of the brain-damaged Floridian who
died last month after her feeding tube was removed amid a swarm of political controversy
'] (h/t, The New Editor)

It really makes him look good saying that they're going to "Use Terri Schiavo" (and if you don't think those three words will be quoted incessantly from here on out, you're sadly mistaken). Whether you're left-leaning or right-leaning, you can't think that this was a smart thing to say on the record. Things like this remind voters that the Democrats are most decidedly no better than the Republicans. In 2008, do Democrats REALLY want to be reminding us of Terri Schiavo? I think it's going to be a huge mistake.

Howard Dean, helping Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory since 2005.

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