Friday, April 08, 2005

Evolution and Mass Murderers (StbIP)

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Recently, Cao had a post linking the theory of evolution to mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin, and the like. Sadly, I can't link to the post, as every time I go to that website, my browser locks up and I have to restart (I tried it on Firefox AND IE at least 7 times). I commented twice, and I believe either my comments were misinterpreted twice, or no one was really paying enough attention.

The post basically ended with a remark about how Stalin and Hitler's mass murder campaigns were "based on a lie." Now, there are two things wrong with this statement and the post in general. The first, is of course, calling evolution a "lie." Remember that a lie is a falsehood given with the intent to deceive. Note that Darwin's theory, while not proven, has not been disproven either, and as of right now, holds more weight than any Creationism/ID theory. Even if false, Darwin certainly did not spread it for the primary reason of creating a Godless society. He was trying to grow our knowledge, not cover it up. Whether he did remains open to debate.

The post basically links belief in Evolution with a propensity to mass-murder. I brought up the 9/11 hijackers to show that a belief in a higher being can also lead to mass-murder. The responses began by saying that basically they believed in a false God anyway, so it's the same thing. Again, we have no idea. Cao seemingly got my point towards the end where it was mentioned that all of them decided they had the power to decide who lives and who dies, and that's the start of what I was getting at.

What Stalin, Hitler, and the terrorists (and even 1100s era Christians) have/had in common is not who has the ability to decide who lives and who dies, but Who doesn't. Stalin was an atheistic Communist, whereas Hitler was closer to a Pagan. Neither of them believed in a Judgement Day before a god. Those who kill in the name of religion certainly don't believe in evolution, but they also don't believe in a "True" judgement day. Why not? Well, look at the Jews who were victims of the "Blood Libel". The Christians persecuted them for basically being Jews. Was it really necessary? Let's say God is still bitter about the Jews not accepting Jesus. Don't you think that He would be plenty capable of dealing with people he thought did wrong? Well, those Christians obviously didn't think their God was THAT almighty.

It's the same with today's Islamic terrorists. Ignore Sura 2:62 for a minute (the one that states "Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.") and say that Allah is not happy with Christians who believe Mohammed is a false prophet. The terrorists claim to be killing them in the name of Allah. Don't you think that if they are correct, and Allah is God and Mohammed his prophet, that Allah himself would be completely capable of dealing with those he deemed sinful?

Where Hitler, Stalin, and the terrorists differ in religion, they all share the belief that there is no Judgement Day. While evolution certainly had an effect on Hitler, what are the odds he would have gone through with his plan if he knew there was God on the other end waiting for him? I think the odds would be rather low. The terrorists plainly believe that Allah can't handle all the "infidels" by himself, so they have to kill for him, because the infidels are "bad." Doesn't the Qu'ran explicitly state that the whole "bad" or "good" thing is Allah's decision to make?

A huge part of the change in Christianity in the last hundred or so years is our general realization that yes, God is Almighty and He is capable of whatever it is He wants to do. That includes Judgement Day. Knowing that He's there to make the decision in the end allows us to not kill anyone in the name of religion anymore, because it's not our decision anyway. If Muslims decide that "Hey - our God is all powerful - it even says so in the Qu'ran! He'll deal with the infidels when he so chooses so we don't have to!", we'll start to see a large increase in the number of Mohammed's followers that aren't crazed jihadis. I'm hoping that day comes soon, though I really doubt it.

What did this piece have to do with Cao's post? It's simple. It's not evolution that turns men into crazed killers, it's the belief that there's no "Moment of Accountability" once they reach the other side.

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