Friday, April 08, 2005

Ebb and Flow

I see you. You're cringing. You're shaking your head at the latest Conservative Columnist pay-off. You're shaking your fist in anger over the Martinez-Staffer-GOP-Talking-Points-Memo and the Terri Schiavo case in general. You're clenching your teeth through the latest "scandal" involving Tom DeLay. You're still irritated that President Bush's social security plan went down the drain and he's still not doing anything about illegal immigration.

"What the hell is going on?" You ask. "How come the Democrats keep winning?" Your eyes well up watching the left side of the blogosphere jump up and down, rejoicing at their three or five or six or eight(!) consecutive victories. "This has got to stop!" you say, "Or we're going to get crushed in the 2006 mid-terms!"

Well, yes and no. Remember how back in November, the blogosphere was talking about the death of the Democratic Party? I told you, back on February 24, not to do that. However, it's still only April 2005. We were talking deathbed dems not ten weeks ago. Who's to say that the Democrats won't completely blow their advantage before October? Come on, we're talking about a political party here - it's one of the least competent organizations on the planet. Bush's approval rating may be at 44% now, but who's to say where it'll be in September?

Now, less than eight weeks after talking about deathbed Democrats, the left side of the blogosphere is looking for a "knockout punch" to the right. Come on. You had 20 years where we weren't in the Oval Office and another 40 when we weren't in Congress. You're looking for a knockout blow NOW?

What happens when Frist pulls the Nuclear Option, which is all but a given now? It'll serve to stanch the flow of Democratic victories, and they know that. The pendulum has already swung back and forth once since the election and it will swing again. All that matters is where it is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, 2006, and my money's on a lean to the right.

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