Friday, April 29, 2005

Continuing Stupidity


Chesterfield County, VA has banned prayers at their county board meetings by a Wiccan witch, claiming that only prayers in the Judeo-Christian tradition are allowed under county rules. The witch has sued, but an appeals court upheld the county's policy.
Is Chesterfield County Right To Ban Witches From Giving The Invocation At Government Events?
Yes. America is a Judeo-Christian nation and we should protect our culture.
No. This is an assault on freedom of religion.

If you couldn't guess, I cast my vote for "No. This is an assault on freedom of religion." Why? Because this is a government board we're talking about. How can only Judeo-Christian prayers be allowed in the county? That has to violate some sort of rule... I'll take a guess that some of the more libertarian readers can guess which rule that is.

Now, if this were a private organization saying that they preferred Judeo-Christian prayer during their meetings, that would be acceptable, but this is the government, where your tax dollars are going.

To make matters worse, this will certainly be made part of HWWNBN's Theocracy Watch. So come on, conservatives - can you really stand for this from your government? What happens when Liberals get into office and proclaim that only Wiccans themselves are allowed to pray at these meetings? You'd be offended, and rightly so. I hate using the shoe-on-the-other-foot argument, but it works to show you how ridiculous this actually is.

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