Sunday, April 03, 2005

Can You?

From Isntapundit.

This is the University of Virginia Star Links program. You type in the names of two movie or TV stars, and then you see how many movies apart they are. (Remember to change the movies box to movies & TV). Kinda like a Six Degrees of Separation game.

One small problem. Just try and get two people with a number of 6.
In fact, get two people with a number of 5.
I got Takeshi Kitano and Adolf Hitler with 4. That's as high as I've seen.

And for all the lefties out there, GW has a Hitler number of 3, and so does Woodrow Wilson. Woody Allen has a Hitler number of 2, thus proving everything ever written about him.

Since Evil Glenn has never been in a movie, he is not in the database. Shameful.

Strangest Connection: Trey (I) Parker was in BASEketball (1998) with Victoria Silvstedt,
Victoria Silvstedt was in Miss Cast Away (2004) with Michael (I) Jackson,
Michael (I) Jackson was in Nyhetsaret 2003 (2003) (TV) with Mahmoud Abbas,

But the question is: Can you get a connection number of 5 or 6?

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