Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Calling All Feminists!

What does it take to get someone in trouble?

Certainly not anything remotely resembling this exchange between a 24-year old teacher and his 16-year old student. (Student's name and such changed for yadda yadda yadda and emphasis added by me)
Girl: Hey - Mr Algebra Guy-man!
Teacher: I have a name, Miss Sexy
Girl: Uhh......Er. Oh yeah; why'd I get a B on this if the answer WAS letter B?
Teacher: .....
Girli: ......? Er....what?
Teacher: What? Oh - I was staring at your mile of cleavage. You look very yummy right now - does anyone have any whipped cream?
Random Boy in Class: Only if you promise to share!
Girl: Pervert!
Teacher:I have testosterone - what can I say?

I'll give you an idea of what you can say for starters, sir.
"Wow, I'm sure lucky I still have a job where I can teach 'yummy' high school girls!"

or maybe:
"I'm sure glad this is a public school and my salary is paid by the taxpayers!"

or, if I felt like adding a sense of humor to this post:
"Does anyone other than HARVEY have any whipped cream?"

Do you see this, residents of Philadelphia? This is what goes on in your public schools. This is warning two. One more and the high school is revealed to the public. If someone can GUESS the high school, then I'll reveal it regardless. How many public schools does this have to happen in before the system gets shut down?

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