Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blogburst 180! Part Deux!

It's been seventy-two (72) days since John Kerry promised, on National Television, no less, that he would sign his form SF-180. He has yet to do so. Maybe he's busy on his taxes, but we can never be too sure.

Thankfully (h/t, Pseudo-Puppy Blender Itsapundit), Cao is holding a Blogburst where we can ALL send John Kerry his 180. Just encourage people to send John Kerry his 180. Why haven't YOU sent John Kerry his 180 today?

[This will occur every Tuesday until the form actually DOES get signed]

Thank you.

The weblogs participating in "Teh Blogburst" are:
And Rightly So!
Atlas Shrugs
Balance Sheet
Cao's Blog
Cathouse Chat
Civil Issues
Conservative Friends
Euphoric Reality
Flight Pundit
House Of Wheels
International House of Conservatism
Jay Howard Smith
Kender's Musings
My Vast Rightwing Conspiracy
Pirate's Cove
Private Radio
Progressive Conservatism
Ravings Of A Mad Tech
Rottweiler Puppy
Something...and Half of Something
Stop the ACLU
The Babaganoosh
The Creative Conservative
The Dark Citadel
The Sunnyeside Of Life
Uncle Jack
Villainous Company
Where's Your Brain?

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