Monday, April 25, 2005

A Bad Example?!

In my haste, I had not even noticed that Blogmother Oddybobo, and by extent, myself, had been inducted into the Bad Example Family Tree. Wow. It seems as though every time I STOP blogging for three days, I get a link, and there are no new posts for visitors to see. For this special occasion, I shall now go do the Filthy Lie Assignment for this week. Even better, I shall do as Harvey says on IMAO and take the test to find out how "Diversariffic" I am. Ooh-rah!

Thanks, bloggranddad! ^-^
And you too, blogmommeh. XD (Okay, enough with the absurd smileys)

UPDATE: Apparently, I am ranked #2 on Google for "We Hate Humanity". Very strange. Related to newfound Bad-example-dom? You be the judge.

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