Sunday, April 03, 2005

Aftermath of It's A Pundit And Other Things

Well, 80 visitors and 162 page views occurred on this site yesterday thanks to the glory of It's A Pundit. Wow. 80 visitors ties for the record high for this site, set February 23rd with my "Who Do I think I am" Frank J. Quiz. The 162 page views blows away the record of 100 page views, also set February 23.

Rest assured, I will continue posting my inane ramblings on It's A Pundit (at least until Glenn orders us shut down), and even if I never see another traffic day like this ever again, I'll still be thankful to the "It's A Pundit."

Make sure to read my post on how bad the French smell.

We need to help Beth of My VRWC escape from underneath Oliver Willis (don't ask) - and the only way to do that is with links and trackbacks! I'm going to attempt a trackback now, but if it only makes things worse, don't be surprised. I still don't get them.

Update: 1:03 AM - I dunno if it worked.

Update: 1:31 AM - It worked! I finally learned how to use a trackback! ^-^

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