Sunday, April 03, 2005

4/3 End of Day Update

Red Sox lost to the Yankees 9-2. Ha. Hopefully they lose their next 161.

Wrestlemania 21 was pretty funny. Brought out a stereotypical Anti-American Arab Wrestler who chastised Hollywood for being bigoted. If you follow the sports-entertainment/soap opera still, then you'll not be surprised to hear that the Undertaker won again. 13-0. First wrestling PPV I've watched in two and a half years, and I wasn't disappointed. Then again, I was expecting it would suck royally. Kurt Angle won his match - maybe some of you not wrestling aficionados have heard of him regardless. That was an entertaining bout.

Baylor defeated LSU, as I predicted.

Kitty Cannon - Don't ask, just play.

Another 60+ visitors and 100+ page views for the site today... thanks, It's A Pundit! (Also thanks to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, who has yet to place the Glenn Reynolds South Park character in her gallery)

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