Tuesday, April 19, 2005

3 - 10

In much lighter news, the Rockies won again. That makes them 3 and 10, with six blown saves in 13 games. They have held a lead in 10 of their thirteen contests. Jeff Francis looked pretty good today though - they've been touting him for quite a while.

Stat: The Rockies have been outscored 21 to 10 in the seventh inning. Not counting an eight run outburst in their 12-10 loss to San Francisco, that drops to 21 to 2. They have not scored in the 7th inning since April 12. Not the way to go about winning a division title, I'll say that much.

Sportsline Power Ranking: 30 (no surprise there)

Coming up: Two games against Philly and then a series with William Teach's Dodgers, who are 11-2 and lead the Rockies by 8 games. Avast!

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