Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why I'm Here Instead of UConn

A friend of mine attending the Avery Point Campus at the University of Connecticut (13 minutes driving distance) and I frequently get into not-so-heated political discussions. He's the kind of student who thinks along the same line as InstaPundit, without all the blended puppies and would probably love the Neo-Libertarian mag currently on display at QandO

Earlier today he asked me "If something like the New Deal that was set up allowed McCarthy to pretty much do what he wanted why would he want to impugn it?" My antennae perked up immediately. When McCarthy is mentioned in a history class, the results tend to be not good.

I couldn't think of an answer, so I just responded "Because it was an economic disaster?" (Which it was, of course)

But no, that wasn't what the question was about. The question was: "Name three problems with McCarthy and his followers." (emphasis mine) - Followers? McCarthy had his own cult now? Ah, yes - the McCarthyites, cultists who wanted the Communists out of the State Department and the rest of the Government (don't get me started on Henry Wallace). He had to explain why McCarthy was a hypocrite. (Jeff Goldstein might be the only one who could get an A+ on this assignment, BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY, of course)

I asked him what he had already written the benefits were. He told me "We weren't asked about that." As I suspected. McCarthy is nothing but a force for evil, of course. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, then, when he remarked that she once snapped at a student for saying that welfare "was useless." Not a good sign. I'm working contacts and could get an interview with this student as early as Saturday. Sadly, I cannot find any information on the teacher, a Dr. Steenburg - I can only find her last two articles, and they are not linked. Perhaps I can find one in the library. She teaches Child Law , US History, and Maritime History (among other things, I think) And perhaps we can order her A Patriot's History of the United States, by Schweikart.

*As for the pervert-Teacher case, I'm still waiting for the student to get online so we will be able to draft a letter to the department chair. That's probably also coming Saturday.

Enjoy the Baba Gannouj, and don't rest until your teachers stop telling you how to think!

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