Monday, March 28, 2005

Updated Sports Musings

1. Kentucky got ousted on a REALLY questionable set of calls. Illinois is still alive, as is the UNC. Illinois is in my title game. So I have one of two still remaining. I did have 7 of the elite 8 teams correctly chosen, by the way. Forgot about Skip Prosser's Bill Cowher-esque chokes. Did I mention that I told you that NC State was going to beat UConn? ^_^

2. Baylor surprised the UNC women tonight, and Rutgers plays Tennessee tomorrow, so I've still got both my title game teams still alive in that bracket. Maryland lost, whereas I figured their home-court advantage would be enough to overcome Ohio State. It was not.

3. Maryland has somehow gotten to the NIT semi-finals (now that I'm blogging about them again, they're going to lose), and Memphis is still kicking around too, so both of the title teams are still alive in that one. So 5 out of 6. I seem to get a lot better at this come tournament time.

4. Nik Caner Medley has certainly stepped up his game as of late, right? Well, seeing as this is what he's supposed to have been doing since he got to start in the program, I can't say that he's playing like a star. Now that we know he can do it, I'll wait to see if he does it next year before I remove all the criticism I've given him. I think that I'll win this bet.

5. Andrew Bogut is not going to be an NBA superstar, and is not worthy of a #1 draft pick. Please, stop kidding yourselves. It's boguS. If he wins rookie of the year, then sure, I'll eat crow.

6. Pro Basketball: The Bulls have won five in a row while I haven't blogged them, a la the Terps. Though I haven't forgiven them for drafting guys from UConn and Duke (two of my three most hated schools), they're on the right track, even by using those same guys.

7. Non-basketball related: Rockies are 16-11 in Spring Training with four games to play. I wish they could be 82-78 in the regular season with four games to play. But that'll never happen because of everything. Blast you, everything!

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