Friday, March 04, 2005

TerpBlogging 3

Okay, so my predictions have been completely off in the past two roundups. I really can't explain this. (I was 31 for 33 entering the second round of last year's NCAA tourney, my only misses being the play-in and the Pacific/Providence game)

But this could be one of the last Terpbloggings around here for awhile if they decide they aren't going to play tomorrow at Va. Tech and lose on the road again. A win would probably put them in the NCAA tournament. A loss would mean that the Terps would most likely have to win the ACC tournament - however, they'd most likely be guaranteed a match with Wake Forest, Duke, or UNC (possibly even all three). It would not be a pretty sight.

I really was disappointed after the UNC game, but after watching the guy from UNC pull that dunk with 1 second to go in the first half, that looked to be it. We just do not perform well on the road. Coach Gary Williams needs to stop playing every team like they're Duke. Only Duke is Duke, and we know you can beat them. Virginia Tech is not Duke - they play a much different style.

If the Terps do not win tomorrow, it's probably over. That would be a darn shame with this team. Do the seniors want to go from a 32-4 national champion to a 17-12 NIT team? I don't think so.

Odds Gilchrist goes pro early to enter NBA draft are currently at 11:2

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