Thursday, March 10, 2005

TB4 Roundup

...Someone shoot these people. No - seriously. Two ten point leads, and an eventual -22 point differential later, and you lose by 12. It looks like barring extreme pity, that the Terps are headed to the NIT for the first time in quite a while.

Thankfully, the 21-9 Lady Terrapins have no such worries. Good to see SOME people doing their job.

Elsewhere in the world of sports that I follow:
NHL: Still no NHL season. @$$holes. The Blackhawks have yet to win a Stanley Cup with more than 6 teams in the NHL.
NBA: Bulls are 31-27. Surprising. I'm also surprised that the Lakers have fallen into 9th. Don't expect them to stay there. At least not this season.
MLB: Rockies are 7-2 in Spring Training. I know it's Spring Training (and the Indians have the best record in the AL), but when was the last time I saw the Rockies 5 games over .500? I'll take this for the rest of the week as they drop to 8-9.
NFL: Bears grabbed Mushin Muhammed. Good move. Then they signed him for six years. VERY not good move. The guy is worth a two-year deal at most, because then he'll be 33.

Paying attention to sports tends to give me a nasty headache. That, and the f*cking light in my dorm burnt out. Today was not really my day.

Btw, just so I don't forget: Brokaw, Rather, Jennings... Back in 2000, I woulda thought these three would be on till at least 2012. >_<

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