Monday, March 28, 2005

Return to Normalcy

Okay. The blog has not been updated since 3/18/05. I'm sorry. Firstly, I was visiting my family back up in Connecticut (yes, I'm so elite!), and then suffered a relapse of the malady that had been plaguing me for about two weeks.

So I was down and out for about three days when suddenly my left ear went absolutely berserk. The doctors put me on amoxicillin, and then augmentin, neither of which really did anything. By the time my ear had finished hurting, I had only about 50 to 70 percent of my maximum hearing left in it. At 18, already with 20-130 vision, that's not exactly something I need.

So after that, I found out I was/am failing two of my classes. That's uber-f*cking stupendous, isn't it? Especially when one of them is physics, which I have done all of my work in. How I'm failing that is absolutely beyond me. And chemistry - well, I could have seen it coming. It's just not a course I feel is necessary for me to be taking.

By the end of spring break I had become/was still single and not lovin' it. It was always a rather complicated situation, but I guess it's not any more. Meh. I'm only 18, I'll live.

But like I said, it wasn't exactly a terrific spring break. But now I'm back, relatively healthy, re-focused, and ready to kick something into high gear or at least kick its behind. I may have missed the entire Sorta-Pundit/basil blogwar, and may have lost half of my daily readership, but I'll bring it back. I may have missed the entire collapse of the Kyrygzstan government, but I'll get bak on the tape. Give me two more months.

This is a declaration of the return to normalcy. The Babaganoosh cannot be defeated - he can only be contained, and even then, one plays with fire.

Hear me, world? Bring it on.

Update (3/30/05): Thanks to any readers who actually recognize where "Not nostrums, but normalcy" comes from. Come to think of it, thanks to any readers who actually came back. ^-^

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