Sunday, March 13, 2005

Random Notes, Musings

I am rather sick. This is only the second time I've been ill here since August. I've taken I think 10 ibuprofen, 6 excedrin and 15 acetaminophen/aspirins. I don't have a headache anymore, but I've still got a stuffy/runny nose (don't you HATE that?), and I'm wheezing a lot. It's not exactly a fun time to be doing anything, but I have to get to posting my brackets tonight.

I dunno. I'm pretty sure I won't go 31-2 again this year in the first round, but my 1-4 record in the Terrapins last 5 games is surely not normal either.

I also had a strange hallucination or something this morning. Once again, I dunno.

I'd like to wish my brother a happy birthday today. He's 17. Just 15 more months of school left, kiddo. ^_^ (I've never called him that ever)

Enjoy the baba gannouj, but don't share, because if I eat any of it, my stomach will mutiny. <(>_<)>

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