Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meanwhile... back home

So the eminent domain fiasco of New London has finally reached the national press over the last couple of weeks. (By national press, of course I mean blogs). I've been reading about this thing in Fort Trumbull off and on since I was about 14 years old. No Land Grab has the timeline, taken from the good old regional paper The Day. I don't really want to post about it, seeing as it almost makes me homesick.

As of right now, it looks as though the Supreme Court is leaning in favor of the NLDC, who haven't done anything right - ever. Downtown New London is still basically a mess. And we know from experience that the Supreme Court hasn't exactly been on the side of fairness and justice recently. (Conservatives can look at the atrocious ruling the other day preventing capital punishment for 16-17 year olds, while Liberals can nod their head in agreement while thinking of Bush v. Gore).

Now, most bloggers are saying this is a matter of principle, and it really is. If we say that the city can take private land for this private property just to make more money, then we've basically abolished rudimentary property rights. It would be absolutely shameful, though right in line with earlier decisions, for the SCOTUS to do such a thing.

Will they? Stay tuned...

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