Monday, March 07, 2005

Liberal Bias And Conservatism

Okay. Quiz question.

Q:The most "IN" thing in the Conservative side of the Blogosphere is what?

A: Apparently, exposing liberal bias in newspapers and media.

It works when those in the know, like Patterico and Hugh Hewitt do it. However, when COLLEGE NEWSPAPERS feature one-third of their paper on the subject of "Exposing the liberal bias in the school's regular newspaper.", I feel we begin to border on ridiculous.

Last month, our university''s conservative paper (The Terrapin Times) ran a 3 page "exposee" on the Diamondback, our university's major newspaper. Is the world of conservatism so devoid of news that we must discuss biases in the other newspapers? We SHOULD know by now that the major newspaper on ANY university will lean to the left without a disclaimer. Give up - they aren't going to give one. This is a newspaper full of the future of journalism, which, we should all know by now, doesn't really have a true future anyway. Perhaps Mr. Hewitt could write a letter to the faculty explaining why the book BLOG must be required reading for any journalist-in-training. (As a side note, it really should)...

There's not really much substance to be had, but I should hope the message is clear: Can we please do something other than paying attention to the liberal bias in the newspaper? We have better things to do.

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