Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How Much Do You Know About The US?

(found via "Kryponite For The Stupid", who I found via Laurence Simon)

Go to that website and take the following quizzes
American History I, II, III
Citizenship Test I, II

There should be 52 questions (American History III has 12), and the site says there are 54 (maybe American history II has 12 and I missed it)

Add up the total number of right answers in your first 50 questions (to make math simple) and multiply by 2. That's your percent score.

For example, out of the first 50 questions, I got 43 right. That makes 86 percent. (shameful for me). Out of the 52 I took, I got 45 right. If you've got a calculator on hand, that comes out to around 86.54 percent, I think, so not too much difference.

How'd you do?

After you do that, take World History I and II. There are 20 questions. If there's one thing I really fault America for, it's our generally abysmal knowledge of ancient history. Note those kids at school who are Neo-Gothic but never once sacked Rome...

I got 13 out of 20, which is 65%. Passing, but dismally.

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