Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Genuinely Nice Thing

Well, yesterday was not exactly what I would have called a "good" day. More like a mediocre one. After my computer went on the fritz, I was finally able to get back online at 12:04 AM. And while checking to see if any websites that I normally visit were updated, I noticed that this place had been blogrolled by basil's blog. That cheered me up instantly. I wasn't in any sort of "stop blogging" mood (it's only been a week - come on!), but when you get that first link, it's a good feeling. Anybody else who's thinking of starting up their own blog will agree, as will most anyone who remembers when they started off too.

I'll stop before this sounds even more like a "My first time" skit. We've got enough of those already. New "Celebrity Jeopardy" by the end of the week!

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