Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another Set of Musings

I'm tempted to make this into a category, but I have to still categorize everything from today back until March 12.

Point One: As someone 1/4 Irish, allow me to say Happy St. Patrick's day. You know what? Happy St. Patrick's day to all of America. To paraphrase and degrade what the World Body claimed on 3/11, "We're all Irish now" ^_^ (well, Captain Ed might want to question Sinn Fein in that case, but they're the exception)

Blogging will be rather light up until Saturday morning. I'm kind of going on vacation, but not exactly. You see, Spring Break technically starts at noon Friday and I'm headed back home. It's a 6 hour train ride (which usually takes closer to 8), and I'll be in sometime Friday night. Yep. Back to Connecticut. I wonder if mAss Backwards can point me towards any other Conn-servatives. I'll check later.

Good to see the Terps won last night (85-72, over Oral Roberts). They had a 7-game advantage on us, including 9 in the win column, and we still beat them. Makes you wonder "Did they throw the season?" Or maybe it doesn't.

Anyway, before I get to the light blogging, however, I have to respond to The Alliance's new Precision Guided humor assignment. Look for that between now and 5 PM. I have to write up a Cell Bio 230 Lab Report (due in 5 hours), and then I'll be right on it.

Post-script: Happy birthday to my mother. She's 48 born on this day in 1957 as young as ever. Happy birthay, mom!

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