Tuesday, March 29, 2005

3/29 Sports Wrap-Up

Today was the day my brackets imploded upon themselves.

Terps season finally ended. I'll leave it at that. They were 1-7 in the 8 games I blogged them, and 3-0 in games I didn't. >_<

Rockies won 4-3 after going into the top of the 9th up 4-0. Dang. 17-11 is the best you'll see that team (Spring Training or no) for a long time. I'm predicting a fourth place finish by no more than 3 games over last. 95 losses are a possibility, with 100 an outside shot.

The Bulls have won six in a row. That's good. The Cavs made a great comeback last night, though I have to be wary of any team that gets down 17 points to New Orleans in the first place. The real question: Will the Lakers finish with a worse record than the Clippers for only the 2nd time in 25 years?

UConn's Charlie Villanueva is entering the NBA draft. I really see him as the sort of pompous type of player whose college game is going to look golden compared to his pro game (Similar to Andrew Bogut, except at least Bogut doesn't have the aura of smugness that Charlie does, which gives him a huge heads-up)

Who goes #1 in the NBA Draft? I'll get back to you the week before. ^_^

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