Saturday, March 12, 2005

21 Things That Make Me Smile

I got the idea from the wonderful Oddybobo, resident of Pittsburgh "Why do they let Cowher still coach there?", Pennsylvania, and also from A list of things that you love, make you happy, or that you're grateful for. I also thought I should do something to reminisce over my younger brother's birthday - which is tomorrow. He'll be 17. And I won't be 19 until May.

These are not necessarily in any order other than the order I thought of them.

1. I'm glad I was born in the United States, and that I am an American. I've been given an opportunity that approximately 6.1 billion people don't have and most likely never will. I intend to use it to the fullest.

2. I am glad I was raised right. My parents were rather lax in the early years, but when I was six, I had hit a young girl who was playing the game of "Give the boys cooties" or whatever the hell it was. From that day forward, my parents imbued me with a sense of "This is right", and "This is wrong."

3. Still on the topic of my parents, It makes me happy that they are still together. They will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on August 26, 2006. Though they weren't exactly married in ideal circumstances, they've made it last 30 years. Nothing ruins a child's hopes and dreams like a divorce. Nothing. Even though I haven't told them so since I was 11 (I'm actually tearing up forcing myself to write this next phrase), I love my parents to death and wouldn't trade the lessons learned during my childhood for the world. I hope they know that. They'll never read this, but I feel so much better just writing it.

4. I'm thankful that the rest of my family is terrific too. At almost any given time, I can call up my younger brother, or my older brother (who is 28), and have an hour-long chat. I'm also thankful that my sister-in-law is so cool, despite the fact she's a Red Sox and Patriots fan. (Hey, at least it's not Duke)

5. I'm glad that my family can afford to send me to a public university out of state. I'm allergic to several types of plant and animal life back home, and I have never felt healthier than I have down here at the University of Maryland. (go Terps! ^_^) No one on my father's side of the family has ever received a bachelor's degree in anything.

6. I'm incredibly happy that I know how to read, and that I know how to write. They say that between 2 and 3 billion people can't do either. That's rather disconcerting.

7. I'm happy that one of my first memories was the fall of the Berlin wall. I suppose that set a tone of things to come.

8. I'm happy that, even though it's Spring Training, the Rockies are 8-2. This is the last time I'm going to see them six games over .500 for a long time, I think. <(>_<)>

9. I'm happy because I can count 80 names on my buddy list, 35 of whom are guys. That's 35 prospective pallbarers (sp?) when I need them. ^_^ (okay, that was morbid)

10. I'm glad that my blog gets between 10 and 15 visitors a day that aren't me. I have no idea how that works. I'm also happy because my other website (for cartoon/anime/sound of their own voice loving high-schoolers and college students) gets between 20 and 25 unique visitors a day that aren't me. Sure, those don't sound like a lot, but blog for 3 months (I've only been at it 3 weeks), and that's 1000 people. What can I say? I'm an attention-monger.

11. I'm thankful I was taught the value of marriage, family, love, and morality. I still cling to the (extremely) old fashioned view that sexual intercourse is an intimate act supposed to be shared only between people who love each other. What can I say? For that matter, how many college students do you know who say that?!

12. I'm happy that I finally convinced myself to confess to myself (didja get that) that there's a little lady back home that I really do care about. It doesn't matter (well, it does to an extent) how she feels, but the fact that I was able to finally tell myself that I care makes me feel good. I'll probably be over her by the start of the next school year, but that's the way it goes. And hey, if she's not a conservative, it'll be even faster.

13. I'm glad I'm "secure in my masculinity". Let's just say I have no qualms at playing Dr. Frank N. Furter and leave it at that. ^_^

14. I'm happy because I possess the knowledge to play a musical instrument, and I have a nice singing voice (I was ranked #48 out of 1750 high school tenors in my state in 2004, btw - ^_^)

15. I'm happy that 61.6 million people made the right choice on November 2nd. I am a night-owl, so I stayed up to watch the results. When Ohio was called for Bush (Alaska was obviously in Bush's column) bringing his total to 269 and securing a victory, I was talking to my older brother on the phone. My cheering woke up the entire household. That was the happiest I had been in eight months. I'm also happy that I was one of the 61.6 million.

16. I'm thankful I'm male. No offense to the ladies reading, but I don't have to go through menstrual or labor. That makes me a happy person. (8D <=== me happy)

17. I'm happy that, even though I have really crappy vision (worse than 20/130), I was not hit with any number of myriad diseases that hits the population on a daily basis. The fact that I can walk is an addendum to this.

18. I'm glad we have the US military around. We wouldn't be the land of the free if we weren't already the home of the brave.

19. I'm glad I chose not to end it all back in 2003. Suicide is for quitters, and I was always taught never to quit. It was simple high school angst. Because I was so sheltered, I had never seen anything like it before (I didn't actually have any designs on any females until I was 16). I had thoughts, and cut up my right arm rather badly, but I never was able to go through with it, because I kept telling myself I was missing out on 45 years of life by doing it. That's the reason I have no tolerance for cynical, woe-is-me Neo-Gothika teenagers who love the color black, the darkness, and write poetry about death. Grow. The. F*ck. Up. I did. You can too. Knowing that I survived that phase makes me happy.

20. I'm glad I have a best friend that worries about me. He's a great guy, despite his occasional streaks of dim-wittedness. I dunno where I'd be without him.

21. If you're reading this, I'm glad you are. That makes me happy, and I'm thankful you took the time out of your day to do so. You're terrific.

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